3 Roadblocks That Slow Down Small Businesses

Time is one of our most valuable resources.  Many small business leaders are often heard saying, "there is only so much time in the day..." and that is why it is imperative to reduce wasting time whenever you can.  Here are three roadblocks you can avoid that should save you time in the long run. 

Expanding without planning.

What works best for a small business doesn't always scale well. Expanding too quickly can leave execs with the arduous task of rebuilding their organizational structure from scratch. Scrambling to alter your standard operating procedures can stop your business's growth in its tracks. The solution here is not to reduce expansion but to include processes wherever you can while doing so.  Documentation will help future growth and make up for the lost time, even if it feels like you "don't have the time" at the moment.

Spreading your message ineffectively.

In the world of social media and online advertising, brand messaging is everything. Showcasing what makes your small business unique through your online brand can help attract and retain customers, while ineffective messaging can cut a lead before it's pursued.  Consider what type of business you are and the people you are hoping to find and attract with your messaging.  If the platform you are posting on does not cater to that audience, you are likely wasting a significant amount of time. 

Spending too much time outside of your core business.

Small business professionals are experts in their product offering, so why spend time bogged down in accounting or HR paperwork? Outsourcing repetitive but necessary tasks to a third party will free up bandwidth to focus on what your small business does best.

The easiest way to smooth the road ahead for a growing small business is to delegate. At INT, we make your business better by handling your technical services, HR, branding, accounting, digital, and more. Ready to focus on what you do best?

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