INT Core Values: We Constantly Push the Boundaries of our Knowledge and Perspective

It’s commonly understood that learning is a continual process. The popularly known “Gladwell Rule” states that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery of a complex skill. Even well-established expertise, however, can require some updates from time to time. Business needs change. Best practices, technologies, and the tools needed to succeed change. It seems at times that the most constant thing in the business world is that the knowledge and skills it takes to succeed constantly change.

It's important to stay ahead of these changes. Standing still can be a fast way to fall behind. Here’s a few tips for pushing your own boundaries:

  • Spend some time discovering what you know, and what you don’t know. Simply put, find the boundaries of your expertise. Trade journals, industry seminars, and working with your business partners can be a good first step in finding the new trends and tools needed in an evolving workplace. Networking can show you what’s being used elsewhere, and give you the ability to see what works, and what does not.

  • Look beyond your own field of expertise. Take opportunities to work on projects that stretch past your normal boundaries and require different departments or technologies to complete. This will help expand your perspective when you are looking at new problems.

  • Take training seriously. Whether that means industry standard formal training, self-paced courses, or continuing education, strive to gain new knowledge regularly. Staying ahead of the curve and growing means that learning should never be done.

  • Call in the experts when you need to. There are times when what seems to be a simple task quickly becomes a large project. Whether you need expertise that you don’t currently have, or you need to supplement the team that you do have, look for and find the help that you need.

At INT, we are subject matter experts who are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we know and challenging the perspectives that we bring to our work. We stay ahead of trends and are ready to help in every area of your business. We are accredited by and partner with: Intuit QuickBooks, Teamwork, HubSpot, Microsoft, and Cisco Systems to name just a few. We’re ready to take on your challenges. If you need help migrating and managing Microsoft 365, or migrating to cloud technologies, we’re experts. If you need HR services, payroll or benefit analysis, accounting and QuickBooks support, project management and so much more, we’re ready. Reach out and let us know how we can help you succeed.

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