INT Core Values: We are team players, always

At INT, Teamwork is more than just a buzzword, it’s a philosophy. As a part of our core values, we promote and encourage a team mentality in our work. That means that when you partner with INT, you are working with a team of professionals who can interface with all sorts of subject matter experts and bring a full understanding and solutions to the needs of your business. From IT to accounting, customer service to HR and more, we work together; always.

There are so many books and articles and keynotes about what makes a good team. In truth, there aren’t that many secrets to helping a team work together.

  • Communicate openly and freely. At INT from our entry level to our senior level, employees can discuss, ask questions, and add their input. We value the sharing of knowledge and perspective and listen to new ideas with an open mind. When a decision is made, we follow through, knowing multiple viewpoints have been discussed.

  • Everyone has a role, knows what it is, and how it contributes to our success. This sounds simple enough but think of how many new projects or day-to-day tasks can creep into and out of your workflow. Before you realize it, priorities and job descriptions change, and can lead to confusion about who owns what part of a project. At INT, we know who owns each part of a project. We track it, review it, and trust each other. No one person has the same role as another, but we all have the same shared responsibility for our customer's success.

  • Our teams know what our client's goals are and work together to reach them. When working with INT, our clients have access to experts that can assist in many ways. For example, in beginning a new IT services relationship with a recent client, we found that they were using several old, inefficient, and overly expensive software solutions. In working together with our IT and accounting teams, we were able to help them not only with hardware procurement, but also with transitioning to office 365 and getting SaaS licenses for Microsoft applications. Because our IT and Accounting teams know each other’s roles, we were able to find a solution to a problem that they had and saved them money in the process.

We think these values are universal in promoting teamwork, and that our teamwork leads to success. We’d be happy to show you how we implement them at our organization. Give us a call, or reach out here and let us know how we can have our team help yours.

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