INT Core Values: We Believe Positive Energy is the Fuel of Success.

At INT, one of our core values centers on positive energy. Simply put, we believe that positive energy is the fuel of success. More than just a few catchy words, our positivity helps us tackle all sorts of challenges head-on. We strive to bring this energy with us to our work for our clients. Our positive approach to our work keeps us proactive and solution-focused, rather than reactive and uncreative. Just saying the words doesn’t make it happen, though. At INT, our Positive Energy is baked deep into our corporate culture.

One way we create our positive energy is by having a strong sense of community. In the world of remote work, INT has been intentional in continuing to provide our staff with team-building and casual social interaction opportunities.

At INT, we use our company-wide messaging board to have casual conversations about everything from what we did last weekend, to what our hair looked like in the 80s. (Amazing, in case you were wondering.) We have occasional after-work social hours and monthly “cake breaks” where we celebrate our employee anniversaries and birthdays. These calls always lead to a few laughs, lots of smiles, and a sense of community at INT.

Another way we build our positive energy is by celebrating our successes. When we sign a new client, we ring a (for now) virtual gong! Our entire company gets to celebrate for a minute as we talk a little about the new client and celebrate a win together. We bring that same positive energy to our work, whether we’re solving a problem, handling routine tasks, or creating something entirely new.

There are so many different things that INT can do for your business. Take a look at our team. You’ll see a lot of smiling faces, ready to take on complex tasks creatively. From HR and Accounting services, Operations and Project Management, Web Hosting, Service Desk and so much more, INT is ready to use our positive energy to fuel your success.

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